House rules

Rivers Edge Apartments 100 W. Walnut St. – 54303 Green Bay, WI

Apt. Nr. 313

Code main door: 5836

Floor 3: apt
Basement: parking

Apartment n.313
on the third floor

Common Room

Common room is on the groundfloor with gym, meeting room,
access to the garden with BBQ and devices for recharging the laundry card.
Code: 6702

About Car

Parking space n.39

Remote control
is in the car

Main information

Electrical panel behind the door of
the bedroom with a king bed.

Thermostat in the livingroom
(temperature remain between
65-70 fahrenheit).

Thermostat in
the bedroom

Air condition is in the living room
and the remote control is near the Tv.


The laudry is located on the third floor, on the right of the apt.
To use it, there is a rechargeable card (the card is in a plate, on the
desk, near the kitchen. The recharge is possible to the devices in the
common room.)


The trash room is on the third floor, on the right of the apt.
For rubbish use bags. Close bags and throw them in the bin.

Before you leave the apt.
remember to:

  • Put used towels and sheets in the basket, in the bathroom.
  • Put rubbish bags in the trash room.
  • Turn off lights and look door.
  • Leave car in the garage.
  • Leave keys to Luke.

Thank you!